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about teen court effectiveness can be substantiated. The Teen Court Concept Teen courts are generally used for younger juveniles (ages 10 to 15), those with no prior arrest records, and those charged with less serious law violations (e.g., shoplifting, vandalism, and disor-derly conduct). Typically, young offend-ers are offered teen court as a. Unifying and Organizing NC Teen Courts. The North Carolina Teen Court Association was created for the purpose of serving as a link to bring all local Teen Court programs together as a unit. Teen court (sometimes called youth court or peer court) is a problem-solving court within the juvenile justice system where teens charged with certain types of offenses can be sentenced by a jury of same-aged peers. Their purpose is to provide an alternative disposition for juveniles who have committed a delinquent act, have committed a minor offense, or have been charged with a misdemeanor. The message given by a peer jury will be long remembered by those seeking to fit within a group and be accepted. Currently, Kentucky has over 1, students from 26 of the counties that participate in Teen Court. The program provides first time juvenile offenders the opportunity to participate in a less formal court process – one that is. The National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) Special Feature: Youth/Teen Court Diversion Programs provides access to federal and federally-funded publications and online resources related to youth court diversion programs, also called teen, peer, and student courts. Must not currently be enrolled or have completed any teen court program in the State of Texas within the last year from the date of citation. Teen Court requirements: Community service hours assessed by a teen jury, ranging from no less than 8 hours to no more than 50 . Court-Ordered Youth must arrive at Dress Code: Business/Casual attire is required at all times! Meet the Teen Court Staff. Frequently Asked Questions. New Volunteer Packet: bring in your forms completed and signed for a smooth transition on your first night at Teen Court! >>CLICK HERE to REGISTER as a Volunteer! The defendant must enter a plea of no contest or guilty. A teen may enroll only once in a 12 month period. Parental consent and participation is required. If the defendant chooses to plead not guilty, the case cannot be heard in teen court. If the defendant chooses not to sign the teen court agreement form, the case will not be heard in teen court. Miami-Dade County Teen Court is a Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust (MDEAT) Initiative, and Miami-Dade County Teen Court’s goal is to help youth stay positively engaged in the public school system and avoid the penal system through providing this .

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ers, and youth involved in teen court pro-grams, rather than from evaluation re-search showing that teen courts have beneficial effects on offenders. Little re-search has been conducted on outcomes for teen court defendants, although some studies offer encouraging results. Recent studies have found that teen court par-. Special Feature: Youth/Teen Court Diversion Programs. Youth courts (also called teen, peer, and student courts) are diversion programs in which youth are sentenced by their peers for minor crimes, offenses, and/or violations. Teen Court is a diversion program offered to first time juvenile offenders in which they admit to their involvement in the offense and agree to have their case heard before a peer jury of Teen Court student volunteers in a court setting. The only adult that participates in an actual Teen Court case proceeding is the presiding District or Family Court Judge. Criteria. Requirements for Participation: Students who wish to participate in the Kentucky Teen Court Program must be willing to commit to the following: Participate in the program the entire school year.

Group within a group

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Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court Below is a list of the top twenty-five (25) crimes, offenses and/or violations referred to youth court, teen court, peer court, student court and peer jury diversion programs around the globe. The Supreme Court's ruling on President Obama's Affordable Care Act is just one decision in a long line of controversial cases. TIME takes a look at other landmark rulings.

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